High fashion product requirements demand a higher scale of supply chain. Falcon Feather team considers this as a thumbrule & this remains a key guideline for all the productions for exports.


Integrated Services

Design & development

  • New material reserach
  • Trends research
  • Merchandising collection


  • Product development
  • Vendor management
  • Cost Optimization
  • Testing and certifications
  • Quality & compliance
  • 3rd party inspections


Fabrics: High end fabrics & runway fabrics, cashmere, silk, linen , cotton fabrics , polyesters, technical fabrics.
Printing: Screen printing , digital printing , hand block, mud resist.
Embroidery: Hand and computer embroidery, yarns, embroidery, crochete & hand knitting .
Pattern Making: Cad patterns, production markers, grading.
Processing: State of art fabric and garment processing including denim washing , acid , enzyme , bio finishes and also expertise in leather tanning and development.

Benefiting our buyers creative & business goals, adds a huge value in constantly enhancing our expertise. Falcon Feather Ltd thrives to cover all key aspects in making top quality fashion products.

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